Incident at Devils Den

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  1. I heard your interview on Heather Wade’s show and a recap on Mysterious Universe and plan on reading your book when this semester is finished (I’m an NP student). I found it fascinating and was wondering if you have returned to the area (where the events occurred in the 70’s)? I can’t find a clearing on current Google satellite image maps near the campground unless you cross a state road (to the West) and go North a few miles (or to the east without crossing a river/creek). Has the Devil’s Den campground changed over the years or the state road or the clearing area?
    Also, I would encourage you to get a PET scan (or at least whole body CT) to rule out malignancy (not sure if the VA will pay, but out of pocket it would be around 5K with a bit of shopping for the PET scan). If negative, I would encourage you to ask your provider about whey protein shakes used by body builders, along with strength training and omega’s three’s (found in fish oil) which may combat cachexia. Also, some “experiencers’ have found some relief by adopting the same techniques used to combat spiritual oppression present in demonic cases (perhaps because some alien cases have overlap or for reasons we just can’t comprehend). Thus, measures such as concerted prayer, fasting (probably not in your case due to weight loss issues), sea salt baths/circles, incense and even exorcism may have some benefit. Good luck and God bless.
    Chad Jacobs


    1. No, I have not been back and have no intention of ever going back. In the book you’ll find you are spot on. It explains why we didn’t stay anywhere near the campground, We intentionally dodged the campgrounds because we wanted a “wilderness adventure.” We certainly got our wish. It may be better now but in 1977 the campground was pretty much a parking lot bordering the forest. There is the state highway that led south from Missouri into Arkansas and ran between two parks. To the east was the Ozark Forest. To our right, the West side, was Devils Den. We took the paved roads into and past the campgrounds and visitor’s center. The road made several twists and turns. In the book I explain how Toby made a map on the back of a bank envelope so we could find our way back. We came to a chain crossing the road at one point and a “No Admittance” sign. I don’t know about today but much of it was a nature preserve area in ’77. Some of it or all of it may be open now because the Butternut Trail runs through it or at least skirts it. The paved road turned to gravel, gravel turned to dirt and eventually ruts. I could tell we were on an upward grade. I intended to photograph eagles and Toby wanted a clear view of the night sky. He was an amateur astronomer and wanted high ground with zero light pollution. I refer to it in the book as a “meadow” with forests forming a semicircular border and some rocks that led down to a stream. We set up a campsite on the east side near the treeline. We hiked about five miles and crossed a second stream although it may have been the same stream just winding around. (this is all in the book) We came to a limestone outcropping with a canopy of trees overhead. That’s the point where we stopped to rest and incredibly both fell asleep. I was abducted during that time. We woke up near sundown and had to run to get back to the campsite before nightfall. I don’t know about the terrain today but that should resonate with google-earth. Of course so much time has passed it could be adult forest now. As to the PET Scan. I’ve considered it. The problem I have is that in 2005 I had a heart attack. No major damage and I was back in court in three weeks. Even though I didn’t need to be “PACED” my cardiologist suggested a pacemaker with a defibrillator. I had terrific insurance so sure, The defib could save my life. Let me preface by saying that since 1977 I’ve had difficulty with electronics and mechanical watches. My Pacemaker was a Medtronic product with “fidelis leads,” meaning the wires that ran to my heart. (google Medtronic fidelis leads litigation) My Pacemaker malfunctioned in 2007 and had to be removed. However, the leads or wires were left in place because they found removing the wires killed about 7% of patients. (this is all on google) There’s no problem with the wires in my body, except that it’s too much metal to allow for an MRI. I’m not sure if a PET scan uses magnetic resonance as I was told, but if it does that rules it out for me. I’d be content with full body x-rays broken-up over a year. A psychic once told my wife that I had 7 implants and two were placed by the air force. That was years before we discovered the things in my leg. As for protein shakes, I drink four Ensure a day and TRY to eat as much calorie dense food as I can. I’m shooting for 3,500 calories a day + the Ensure. I do walk 20 minutes for the cardiovascular benefit, but I don’t want to walk any farther because it burns calories. It’s a delicate balance. As to what may help. I’ll look into your suggestions. I know meditation helps. A caller on Heather’s show last time suggest telling the aliens before going to sleep to “leave me alone.” I guess that’s a commonly recommended course for people experiencing abductions. I’m mostly vegetarian out f empathy for animals. It’s odd you mention fasting. I’ve been fasting on and off for 40 years. I can’t know, but it’s a cleansing thing that is healthy. Spirituality, I try. I don’t have a solid foundation in religious faith. I wish I did. Anyway, I’m writing another book here. I wanted to address everything. Call in to Heather’s show on the 5th. It would be a pleasure to speak with you. If you buy my book I sincerely hope you enjoy it. For personal reasons I didn’t run through a final edit, so I apologize for the occasional typo. I felt the need to get it up and available soon. Best wishes – Terry


  2. Terry, along with COPD I also suffer from the loss of weight problem, which is NOT related to my impending death from COPD. I was a lifelong contactee – 1946 to 2005 – when the “other family” told me I wouldn’t be coming back because I’d been damaged from too many trips to and from the crafts. They said they’d tried to repair me, but had been unable. I had a severe bout with weight loss from 2007 to 2009, and I used a blue/green algae call E-3 Live to stop it. It hasn’t worked this time. (The weight loss began again in early 2017 and continues. I am presently at around 72 lbs., down from 95 lbs.) I heard the name of a similar weight loss disease mentioned on The Doctors Show a couple of days ago. It’s called SARCOIDOSIS. You might mention that to your VA physician. I will mention it to my family doctor when I’m in for my next appointment. Since there are so many more people who have been touched by aliens than we may ever know, there is always a chance that when something is prevalent enough to finally be named, perhaps our problem is finally on the radar of medical science. I don’t have any negative contact experiences. I am sorry yours were so terrible for you and Toby, and that the USAF treated you both so badly when surely they must have known what was going on well before it happened to the two of you. (That’s the insidious side of government secrets… they are far more harmful than helpful.) I hope you are successful in finding a successful cure for your weight loss. If you need to contact me, feel free to do so. I’m still alive and able to get to the computer a few times a week. At this point I don’t know which will kill me first – the COPD or the weight loss.

    Wishing you all the best,


    1. My GOD Barbara! I pray for your health to improve and your time is so precious. Thank you for sharing a bit of it with me.

      Heather is a wonderful lady but I think she is just a bit off target. The aliens have never tortured me. Even when I went through the painful examinations the “doctor” gave me a vibe like, “Just doing my job, Man. Nothing personal.” The woman I reference as Betty has been with me for a lifetime. I can remember her being a kind voice when I was taken as a scared child. I played with other children there also. I encountered her again in 1987. You know how memories are suppressed and we only know what they want us to know,and only when they want us to remember.

      I mention in the book (if you would like to read it I will send you a free digital copy) that we hugged back in 1987 and I was shocked by how tiny and frail she was. I’m not sure what role the USAF played in all of this. Even with Special Agent Gregory who was so vicious in his interrogation, when he was satisfied I wasn’t hiding film or trying to deceive him, his demeanor changed on a dime. Friendly actually and with that same, “just doing my job Man” vibe. It’s that layer above. I can only guess, but I believe there is a shadow government working in concert with the aliens, OR working for the aliens. I can recall a few saucer rides (with sensation similar to being in an elevator) and a trip on what I referred to as “the big ship” to the moon and back. Incredible. We’ve led interesting lives Barbara. I want people to know. That’s all, just open their eyes and maybe open their minds. I want to set-up an organization called “WE ARE DISCLOSURE” and collect enough material from people in all walks of life to finally reach the tipping-point to force the government to tell us the truth by the weight of the evidence. They don’t want us to know because they already have their tickets on the last lifeboat off the Titanic, if you get my analogy. Like you, I’m struggling but for now at least I’m holding my own. Thank you so very much for sharing your time with me. If I can be of help to you in any way please contact me. My private email is: take care my friend. Terry


  3. Hello Terry,

    This is Nancy with Tribulation-Now Radio Ministry. I help John (the host) to schedule guests. We were hoping you would join us live on the air to talk about your amazing true story and book, “Incident at Devils Den.”

    Our show runs live on Sunday and Wednesday nights with guest call in 9:30-11pm (Eastern Time). We have a global audience as an Internet streaming program. Listener-ship numbers vary from a few thousand to occasional tens of thousands.

    Following the interview, you will be able to access it to share on your website. It will also be converted to YouTube as well.

    We would be honored to have you as a guest.

    Please contact me, or John (contact information below); We would LOVE to hear from you!


    Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Nancy and John


    1. Well said Bruce. I think it must “go with the job.” Maybe a psychological defense mechanism akin to “I was only following orders.” It minimized the entities role was service in the line of duty. Very good observation.


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