Incident at Devils Den

9 thoughts on “Incident at Devils Den

  1. If you’d like to leave a review, ask a question or share your story this is the spot, You are welcome to email me at “ and I will return your email. Unless you say otherwise, I promise to respect your anonymity. Best wishes. Terry


  2. Your Amazon link works great,we have already referred our friends your way!
    The submission box is user friendly.
    Looking for your calendar of events.
    We marked our calendar for tomorrow. Do we need to join and become members at Veritas to hear your interview?


  3. Terry, regarding the weight loss…maybe being a vegetarian is not a good thing at this point. I have a vegan friend and he is very, very thin. There might be a tie-in to this. I enjoyed your two interviews with Heather, and sincerely hope you find the answers you need regarding your weight problem!


  4. Dear Terry: I am so grateful to you for speaking out. Without voices the truth is lost. The experience of abduction is far more wide spread than most people realize. Fear keeps people enslaved. I too have attempted to awaken people to the fact that reality is not what they perceive it to be through my writing. I send you my prayers and love. Again thank you for your bravery.


    1. Dear Margaret.

      Thank you so much. First, you’ve read the book at a much deeper level than most. Yes, people are abducted and have their memories wiped clean. Lot’s of people. I also agree, we have a problem with perception (or a lack thereof) and are so limited. Helen Keller is the best example I can give. Blind and deaf since 19 months old her world was limited to what she could taste and touch. She was a woman who went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1904 from a respected university, write several books and was in high demand as a public speaker. We are all like Helen in that our senses are so very limited. There could be multiple dimensions all around us that we just cannot perceive. They could be all around us but invisible.

      Theoretical physicists say it can now be proven mathematically that there are eleven dimensions. But our perception is limited to just four. Our bodies lack the ability to comprehend or experience anything above that 4th dimension. I think we may be visited by entities from different solar systems, different dimensions and even different times. I’m at a loss to see what role religion and faith play in this great mystery.

      Trying to wake-up people is so hard. I no longer try to persuade anyone to open their eyes. I just lay it all out there truthfully and hope that little by little, more and more of us will wake up. That tipping point will be reached soon.

      It’s kind words and prayers from people like you who reaffirm that I’ve done the right thing. I’ve lost many dear friends since March 10th. If you’d care to share some of your writing with me I’d look forward to reading them. If you haven’t yet, and if you can, a kind review from you on AMAZON would help me immensely. It’s easier to reach me at Thank you again and best wishes to you and yours. Terry


  5. Great book…Very refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cannot fault it in any way. Not the same old repeated plagiarised reports. My impression was that your book was written by two different people.
    An Aussie, I’m about six years older than you; but have had numerous weird encounters over time. Got fascinated in UFO’s at a very early age and believed that they were benevolent, but now feel they may be something else, and sinister [will say no more; my opinion].
    Sincerely looking forward to your upcoming tome!
    Regards and Best Wishes from down under. Ray Withnell


    1. Thanks Ray. I am absolutely delighted that enjoyed it and I appreciate that you took the time to send me an note. I think it sounds like it was written by two different people because it’s my voice as a child, as a 22 year-old, and as an adult. Best wishes, Terry


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